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Online Blind

ONLINE BLIND is a unique system and an improvement over conventional paddle blind / figure eight / hammer blind / spectacle blind. It eliminates the need to spread the body flanges. This is extremely fast; the blind can be thrown from open to close positions or vice versa within a few minutes.


Further Information

For total isolation of storage vessels, valves are not totally reliable. Removing a section of piping or the use of line blinds is the only absolutely positive way to assure absolute isolation. The CONFINED SPACE should be isolated by blinding, by disconnecting and blanking all lines connected to the space.In today’s world there are regulations and rules of the game of vessel isolation that must be lived with. Temperatures, Pressures, Health & Safety standards, release of chemicals to atmosphere, pollution control norms, safety of workers and above all employees themselves are monitoring their working atmosphere and rightly refusing to work in dangerous and unsafe conditions. Properly designed, installed and maintained line blinds can make life a little easier when faced with all these regulations.

RISANSI ONLINE BLIND is mounted on the pipe, the body flanges need to be spread plus the bolts are of increased diameter and tackwelded, hence the seal is unaffected by piping misalignment. The seals are mounted internally (protecting them from the sun and accidental damage) yet they can be replaced ONLINE. The open or closed position of the line is simultaneously indicated and is clearly visible because of which chances of accidents are totally eliminated: AN IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURE.


A 24″ RISANSI ONLINE BLIND can also be used as a quick opening manhole for immediate access to a reactor or storage vessel in case of an emergency. If material is not hazardous and frequent cleaning is required, RISANSI ONLINE BLIND can be used with spectacle plate as a strainer. If the material is not hazardous and a little leakage is acceptable, then RISANSI ONLINE BLIND can also be used as a operating valve, wherever complete shutoff is required. REMEMBER ALL VALVES LEAK DOWNSTREAM WHEREAS RISANSI ONLINE BLINDS DO NOT.