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Progressing Cavity Pumps are used to pump heavy, abrasive and viscous fluids like potato pulp, cement slurry, mine water, waste asbestos, sugar molasses etc... These are very heavy duty pumps working on the principle of Rotary Positive Displacement System. The main component, a metal single threaded rotor, rotates around its principal axis and also around the axis of the stator section producing cavities at reduced pressures, which move axially from inlet to outlet.

Magma Massecuite pump is excellent for handling Magma/Massecuite in sugar industry. It is also capable of giving a positive displacement to many other highly viscous liquids.


ONLINE BLIND is a unique system and an improvement over conventional paddle blind/ figure eight/ hammer blind/ spectacle blind. It eliminates the need to spread the body flanges. This is extremely fast; the blind can be thrown from open to close positions or vice versa within a few minutes.

RISANSI PAN CONTROLLER CUM AGITATOR is a manually operated system. It is a very simple device which improves the performance of continuous pans at a relatively low cost. It can easily be operated by existing personnel’s at the Pan as it is compatible with existing continuous pans.